40 Secrets of BBM (Blackberry Messenger)

40 Secrets of BBM (Blackberry Messenger)

You have a Blackberry just to chat? That is ancient. Much you can do with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The following tips for BB with fuel application version 5 and above.

1. Upload Photo Profile

Fuel seems less exciting if there is no photo in profile. Yes, let me easily recognizable friends on BBM. Here's how: Open My Profile> select the image or add photo> select image file agan the most good. If no, yes first photo with select cameras. Before cropping, pictures of the zoom in / out)> Save.

2. Changing the Display Name
To be easy to recognize a friend, you can change your display name as you wish. Like adding emoticons and symbols unique. Here's how: Open My Profile> writes Display Name box located next photo> pressthe Menu key () Save

3. Bring up the Blackberry Unique Symbols
To beautify the Display Name Agan-agan of all, you can add unique symbols Blackberry. Ane can get it by visiting the site http://missgadget.info/wp-content/uploads/data/simbol-BBM.txt. Copy and paste the entire symbol applied memo to be used whenever Agan want. Or it could dipaste through Auto Text.

4. Create AutoText
BBM's not bad if you do not use the Auto text. There are several ways to use the Auto text. Manual or automatic. If auto, auto text displayed through applications connected to the fuel as fancychar (auto text application link http://ota.bbtran.com/list/fancychar). If manually you can follow the following ways:
Open a conversation with a contact> block and copy the symbol to be used> press the menu button ()> Edit Auto Text> press the menu button ()> New> Replace tab for the keyword to remove the symbols> and paste the symbol to be used on a tab With> Save. To remove the symbols, use the key word.

5. Posing in fuel
Create a play with friends, you can pretend to be someone else / Finished artist in fuel.

How: Save the photos one artist or a friend Agan (can be downloaded via Google) on the memory card. Go to My Profile> select the image or add photos> Agengan profile change photo artist or friend's photo. Do not forget, rename photos according to the artist who Agan agan download.

Look out! Side effects, your friend may get angry because your mischief.

6. Invite a Friend with a PIN
Do you have fuel? Invalid if you do not invite friends into your contacts list.

How: Press the menu button ()> Invite Contact> choose "Scan a barcode persons"> Continue> Scan Barcodes in other devices. BB faced the camera to the barcode that will diinvite friend.

7. Invite Friends to Scan Barcodes
In addition to the PIN, you can also invite friends into the BBM contacts by scanning barcodes. How: Select the menu ()> Invite Contact> choose "Scan a barcode persons"> Continue> Scan Barcodes in other devices. BB faced the camera to the barcode that will diinvite friend.

8. How to Come Up With Barcode fuel

9. Adding SMS Contacts
In order to add a contact friends via SMS text messages that will be automatically stored with other BBM contacts.

How: Select the menu ()> Invite Contact> choose "Enter an SMS contacts name or phone number"> input phone numbers and names> Add Contact.

The point, you can berinkam SMS via BlackBerry Messenger. Pulses are used, it still pulses sms. Incoming messages, as well as it looks, similar to the fuel.

10. Creating a Conference
Want to talk about your secret with my friends? But do not bother to create a group chat? Invite friendsinto converence that you create.

How: Select the menu ()> select invite to converence> select contact friends agan that will take converence. Converence is not permanent because it would break up so members converence closing the conversation. The feature is also limited.

11. Broadcast Message
Want to preach something to more than one person? If one on one, obviously bothered. Therefore, use just enough Bradcast Message with a single touch, word spread to many people.

How: Select the menu ()> select Broadcast Message> write messages to be delivered> select or check the contact to send the message (if Agan would send to all contacts live check "all").

12. Create a Status Message
Not just Facebook and Twitter status updates can be made. Fuel can also, although expression can not be all the sentences on Facebook.

Here's how: Open My Profile> write status message> Save. Your status can also be decorated with emoticons by pressing the menu button ()> add smileys.

13. Sending Pictures to Contacts
No need to spend a lot of credit for sending pictures via MMS. With the fuel can also send pictures. But only to contact friends of fuel.

How: Select the contact you want to send the image> Select ()> select the Send> Send picture> select the image you want to send> Send

14. Do not be afraid of losing contact friends agan fuel. Backups only. This is how: Open the Applications Fuel> Select ()> Select Options> Select "back up". There are two modes to back up your BBM contacts. Backupfiles backup files remotely and locally. Backup files remotely is to back up your BBM contacts by registering your own email account to be automatically connected to the RIM servers. Moderate Backupfiles locally is an external memory to store contacts in the phone.

15. Creating a Category Contact
Let facilitate the search for BBM contacts, it helps you create contact categories based on the status of friends. Such as school friends, family, work friends, girlfriends.

How: Open the contact list of friends agan> press menu ()> Add Category> category name as you want> Select contact a friend who would be included categories.

16. Quickly Access Contacts from Homescreen
It is also one way of easily accessing contacts, without having to bother go to the application of fuel, if you want to send a message of fuel.

How: Open the Applications Fuel> specify the contact you selected> press menu ()> select Show In Home Screen.

To eliminate select Remove From Home Screen. I suggest, do not spend too much contact because the homescreen will look full.

17. While Chatting Emoticon inserts
To express emotion, just use emoticons are available in your fuel.

How: When chatting lasted> press the menu button ()> Add Smiley> select Emoticon.

18. Checking the condition of Psycho
This is one of the secret of the Mobile Phone Market Tabloids for you. In order for your Blackberry can check a person's psychological condition.

How: Go to your homescreen> press 4 * 3 *> attach the Blackberry to the foreheads of people who will be in a check condition> press the letter "P"> see the result.

19. PING! Contact
Not much different from the IM, BBM also have a feature that is named PING BUZZ! To call your friend. When the chat lasted> press the menu button ()> Ping Contact

20. Rename Contact Friends
Finding a contact in BBM, faster by pressing the first letter of the name of a friend after opening the fuel menu. If your friend uses the odd letter or symbol at the beginning of his name, obviously difficult. Replace it with a real name.

How: Open the menu ()> View Contact Profile, then changed his display name.

21. Stealing Photos Profile Friends
Is there among your friends who have a profile photo funny and unique. You can take pictures at will and keep it in your Blackberry.

This is how: Open the Applications Fuel> select the contact you want her picture taken> go to friends' contact profile> click on your friends profile pictures> press the menu button ()> save image.

22. Deleting Contacts fuel
Select the contact to be deleted> press the menu button ()> select Delete contact. If you no longer want to receive the invite from a friend that will delete, ignore future invitation can check> and select delete. Your friend was permanently erased.

23. Enabling History Chat / Conversations
To want to save all the conversations with friends in the fuel? Staying activate this feature. Open Applications Fuel> Select menu ()> Options> Save message history> On> save

All summaries chat with your friends will be directly saved in external memory. You can read back by the way: Go to contact a friend> View Recent Message. You can select the edition of the conversation when you want to read again.

24. Results copying Chat / Conversations
You can also download a copy of all the conversations and save them manually.

This is how: Open the Applications Fuel> open your conversations with friends Fuel> Select ()> select copy chat> paste into a place where would be placed.

25. Email results to Chat / Conversations
Want to send all the results of your conversation via email? Can, this is how: Open the Applications Fuel> open a conversation with a friend BBM> press the menu button ()> select Email chat> You will instantly be brought into the email application> enter the address> Send.

26. Sending Pictures
Usually can only send pictures via bluetooth or MMS. Now with the fuel you can send pictures or photos to friends fuel.

How: Open the Applications Fuel> go to contact your friends who you want to send> press the menu button ()> send> send the file> select the image you want to send ane> untitled> Send.

27. Sending Music Files, Video and Documents
Not only can you send pictures. Music, videos and documents can also be sent to friends via BBM BBM.

How: Open the Applications Fuel> open contact agan friends who want to send> press the menu button ()> Send> send the file> select the file you want to send ane> untitled> Send.

28. Sending Site Location
In addition to sending the file, also can send the location where you are.
How: Open the Applications Fuel> go to contact your friends who you want to send> press the menu button ()> send> Send location.

29. Sending a Voice Message
nand BBM tired of typing messages? You can create voice messages. Quite helpful when driving so do not bother typing messages. How: Open the Applications Fuel> open contact that you will send a voice message> Press menu ()> send voice note> start / record voice> send

30. Changing the Conversation View in Contacts
Display your chat looks normal? Or bored with the view that so-so alone? You can change it by: Open Applications Fuel> Press menu ()> select Option> on the column select the conversation style chat> There are three display options such as bubbles, stripes, standard.

31. Eliminating fuel Notification Icons in homescreen.
It must be upset if there is fuel on the homescreen icons. But it's just a lie and it turns out there was no fuel intake. There are several ways to eliminate:

-The first way:
Eliminate all "ignored contacts" in the BBM contact list by the way: Open the fuel> Press menu ()> select option> select Contacts ignored> and select Edit> tick all the contacts PIN> select "OK"> restart your Blackberry.

For those who never ignore a contact, will not see these options, skip this step.

-The second way:
Turn off the BlackBerry and unplug the battery, remove the sim card. After that you replace the battery without the sim card. Let the BlackBerry loading without sim card. Now open the BlackBerry Messenger application and will be what causes plasticity nyangkutnya BBM message it invisible.

32. Show Agan song Play
Cape write status? You can automatically update the status of fuel without bothering to write in the status message. By enabling the feature "show what im listening to" automatic music or videos will show what you play.
Open Applications Fuel> Select menu ()> My profile> check "show what im listening to"> Save

33. Change Ringtone fuel
You want to distinguish ringtone other applications with less fuel? Follow this way. Open the menu features a sound that is in the list menu> edit profile> select the profile that you use> instant messaging> new Blackberry Message> setting everything as you want> save.

34. Creating a Group Chat
Want to chat or discussion with a friend's office or a particular friend with five or more people? You can create a group chat is not just to chat, but also to share pictures, make a list of activities, and create calendar appointments in the group, as desired. How: Open the Applications Fuel> Select ()> Create new group> Group name> create group.

35. Sign In Invite Contact Group Invite all your friends join in the group let me make can chat together and perform other activities.
How: Open the Applications Fuel> open group that has been created> Group activity> Members> Invite A new member> select mode invite with a PIN, barcode scanning or by selecting existing contacts in the list of fuel.

36. Share Images on Group
You have a unique and funny pictures for dikomentarin? Share it in the group of fuel that can be enjoyed by members of the group.

How: Open the Applications Fuel> open group that has been created> Group activity> Pictures> share picture> select the image that would agan share in the group> send

37. Leaving / Deleting Group Fuel
Bored with the group on fuel? Want to be abandoned? Or you want to remove the fuel group in the Blackberry? This is how: Open the Applications Fuel> Open group to be deleted> click the menu button ()> leave group

If you want to go again in the group, make sure you invite your friends go back to the group of fuel.

38. Viewing Profile Group
You want to see the profile or setting up the group that you created or you enter into it?
This is how. Open Applications Fuel> Open group> click the menu button ()> Group Details

39. In order for BBM Group Chat No Lemot
Usually after the Group Chat join BBM, Blackberry sometimes be slow or hangs. Especially if coupled with a part in many Group Chat. Suggested there are a few tricks, so you do not slow fuel.

-First, disable the Display Music Updates. Display update is the history of music from a friend who contacted you enable the feature Show Music Update on status.
Open Applications Fuel> click the menu button ()> select Options> Show Recent Updates> None> for Group Recent Updates From Same Contact / Group and Display Music Updates From Contacts do not have the tick column> Save.

-Second, disable chat History. This is one feature that helps you see the conversation group, but this feature also could spend the phone memory which automatically makes fuel slow.

How to disable: Open Applications Fuel> open group agan> click the menu button ()> locate and select the Group Details> column sets the save message history so off> Save

-Third, disable the Save Picture. In the group of fuel you
can share images, photos and comments with members of the group. All the pictures in the group automatically stored on the Blackberry. Setting this feature so that fuel is not slow.

How: Open the Applications Fuel> open your group> click the menu button ()> locate and select the Group Details> save picture set of columns to Media card if you still want to save all images in an external memory or set of columns save picture to Off if you do not want to save the picture are shared. The image will automatically be deleted after shared.

40. Changing the Ringtone Group Fuel
Ringtone group of fuel can be made different from the usual contact ringtone. How: Open the menu features a sound that is in the list menu> Edit Profile> select a profile that agan use> instant messaging> Blackberry Messenger Groups> setting it as you wish> Save.