Cute Love sms 2014

Its big,
It’s warm,
It’s fuzzy.
Before you get ideas – it’s a big HUG from me to you!

You are the reason for my smile.

Words aren’t enough to tell you how wonderful you are. I love you.

You make my heart melt!

Life has never been better, thanks to you, sweetheart!

I miss you, we should get together soon!

If I had to, I would wait for an eternity to be with you.

A kiss says it all
And here’s one to say
That I’m thinking of you.

I will love you forever and always.

Waiting for you at home, come back soon. I miss you.

When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I see you. There is nothing I can do without thinking of you.

To have you as my girl is my honor. Be with me always!

They say love hurts, but I’m ready to take that risk, if I’m going to be with you.

I would climb a thousand mountains to see you smile.

I’d like to wake up next to you every morning!