Love Quotes

There is nothing more attractive than a girl with good taste in music 

I Can't Set My Hopes Too High. Because Every Hello Ends With A Goodbye.

Your Heart Is One Of Your Most Prized Possessions. So Be Careful Who You Give It To.

Love Is Like #Tsunami When It Comes Into Your Life, NO ONE KNOWS!

Loneliness Is A SPECIAL ENJOYMENT When Chosen By Ourself..!! But Hard To Digest When Gifted By Others...

When U Get Attracted To Sum1. U Will Realize What Is Love.. When That Sum1 Starts Avoiding U.. U Will Realize What Is Life.

I Know I Am MAD For Her But Dont Know Why Am Not MADE For Her    
Life Is Beautiful When U Have Someone Who Tells U How Important U Are ♥
Every Rain Drop Would Be One Of Ur Smile.I Wish That It Rains Heavily Through Out.
So, That.There's No Space For Tears Your Life.
Loving Someone And Not Expressing It Is Like Wrapping A Present And Not Giving It
It’s Stupid To Hold To On To Something That Just Keeps Hurting You, But It’s Also Stupid To Let Go Of Everything You Ever Wanted.
There Are Those Times When You Are Not Looking For Love, But Then The Most Amazing Person Comes Into Your Life. 
Don't Fall For The One You Love, Fall For The One That Loves You...Because You Can Always Learn To Love, But You Can Never Make Someone Love You. =((
The More You Hide Your Feelings For Someone, The More You Fall For Them.
I Don't Know Where I Stand With U, I Don't Know What I Mean To U, All I Know Is Every Time I Think Of U, All I Wanna Do Is Be With You.
It’s Hard To Pretend You Love Someone When You Don’t, But It’s Even Harder To Pretend You Don’t Love Someone When You Do. 
The Scariest Thing About Distance Is That You Don't Know Whether The Person Misses You Or Has Forgotten You.
The Hardest Things To Leave Behind Are The Things You Never Had In The First Place.

Do You Know How It Feels To Be Ignored? It Fucking Hurts

 If You Have A Chance To Love, Then Do It. Remember: "Love Makes Time Pass, But Too Much Time Will Let Love Pass!"

There Are Five Words That Mean More Than I Love You And Those Words Are "I'm Here To Stay Forever"

When Two People Are Meant For Each Other, No Time Is Too Long, No Distance Is Too Far, And No One Can Ever Tear Them Apart.

Never Pass A Chance To Say "I Love You," To The People You Care About Because We Aren't Promised Tomorrow.

I Won't Be Your Star. Cause There'r Too Much Stars On The Sky. I Want To Be Your Sun. Cause There's Only One Sun <3

Love With All Your Heart, No Matter How Many Times It Has Or Will Be Broken Because When You're Not Really Loving, You're Not Really Living.

Love Brings People Together But Trust Keeps Them Together!

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Nothing In This Crazy World - Could Keep Me From Loving You!

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Dont Cast Me Away Because I Love You.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, What I Feel In My Heart Is Wonderful And New.

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue, You've Made All My Dreams Come True!

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue My Life Would Be Hell If I Didn't Have You.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, You Don't Always Smell Good, But I Still Love You.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I'm Telling You I Love You So What Are You Gonna Do?

Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue, Sugar Is Sweet And So Are You!

Roses Are Re, Violets Are Blue I’ll Save My Last Dance Only To Dance With You.

No One Can Love Intelligently 'Cause The Nature Of True Love Is Madness. :)

Love Is Not Something We Find, Love Is Something We DO!

The Nicest Place To Be In Is Someone's Thoughts.

Why Is It That In Every Love Story, Mom Agrees And Dad Disagrees? It's Because Mom Knows What Love Is, And Dad Knows What Boys Are. ♥ 

You Must Be A Good Runner Because You Are Always Running In My Mind, You Must Be A Good Thief Because You Have Stolen My Heart, And I Am Always A Bad Shooter Because I Miss You Always...

How Do I Spell S_Ccess & _Niq_E Without U? I Cant Even Have F_N, Or Any Good L_Ck. Without U, Looks Like I Cant S_Rvive.

You Have Two Lips, I Have Two Lips. Why Don't We Put Two And Two Together?'

Can You Recommend A Good Bank Where I Can Make A Deposit? Because I’m Planning To Save All My Love For You.

If I Could Rearrange The Alphabet I Would Put U And I Together.

Babe, Your Beauty Makes The Morning Sun Look Like The Dull Glimmer Of The Moon.

You Are Hotter Than The Sun, Brighter Than The Moon And Have More Sparkling Than The Stars. What Else Do You Want?

CUTEST PROPOSAL By A Boy ? Boy: Can U Plz Close Ur Eyes For A Moment? Girl: Ok,Done Boy: Thanx,What A Darkness Isn't It? Girl: Yeah Boy: That Is My Life Without U.?

There's 6,697,254,041 People In The World But I Want You :)

I Always Think Of You Before I Fall Asleep. The Words You Said. The Things We Laughed About, The Silent Moments We Shared.

The Greatest Symbol Of Love Is Not The Heart. It Is The Cross Because The Heart Stops Beating But The Man On The Cross Never Stops Loving.

I Don't Know What Happened. One Moment, You Were Just Another Girl I Only Knew The Name Of; The Next, You Were The Girl That I Fell Hard For.

It's Strange How Love Can Be The Happiest Thing Ever, But Can Cause You The Most Pain.. Yet, Everyone’s Searching For It.

The Worst Feeling About Being In Love, Is Sitting Back To Back With The Person You Love; And Not Even Being Able To Say 'Hello'.

You Know What I Want More Than Anything In The World Right Now? To Talk To You, To Be With You, This Very Instant.

Whenever I Try To NOT Think Of You; You're The Only Person Who Stays In My Mind, No Matter What I Do.

Maybe I Could Have Loved You Better. Maybe You Should Have Loved Me More. Maybe Our Hearts Were Just Next In Line.

Your Worst Battle Is Between What You Know And What You Feel.

You Make Me Laugh At Things That Aren't Funny. You Make Me Smile Without Actually Being Here. You Make My Stomach Flip By A Text.
Love That We Cannot Have Is The One That Last The Longest, Hurts The Deepest And Feels The Strongest.

Never Stop Loving Someone Because You Never Know When They Might Start Loving You Back.

My Feelings For You Are Like A Boomerang. Whenever I Try To Get Rid Of It By Throwing It All Away, It Constantly Finds A Way To Get Back.

Just Because Someone Doesn't Love You The Way You Want Them To, Doesn't Mean They Don't Love You With All They Have.

No One Ever Gets Tired Of Loving… But Everyone Gets Tired Of Waiting, Assuming, Hearing Promises, Saying Sorry, And All The Hurting.

Love Is A Feeling, Not A Decision. You Can't Choose Who You Love. If You Could, It Would Be Much Simpler, But Less Magical.

The Right Way To Kiss A Girl, Push Her Up Against A Wall, Hold Her Arms Above Her Head And Kiss Her Like You Mean It!♥

Love Me Without Fear, Trust Me Without Questioning, Need Me Without Demanding, Want Me Without Restrictions, And Accept Me Without Change.

A Pretty Girl Is Nothing, If She Has An Ugly Heart.

Law Of Love: The More LOVE You Give, The More PAIN You'll Get.
LOVE = Lesson Of Various Emotions.