IDM has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked.IDM is exiting

To stop updating , follow the solution :-

Solution 1 :-

                       Open the Run command (ctrl+r / windowbutton+r)
                                           Type regedit, and press enter.
                                            Go to :- 
                                           and then change the “LastCheck” and/or “LastTry” value to something
                                           like e.g.:
                     Then restart your computer and you will no more face the problem..! (not Update further)

But friends, I want to inform you lovely people that 'Internet Download Managers' (IDM) developers have forced the “Automatic Update” us all of its users.

        It sends sensitive (serial / license checking) data back to their servers, that makes it update! If you want to end it, all you need to do it is simply add the following to your host file:
(following IP and websites must be blocked) localhost localhost localhost
=>  Go to " Internet Opotions -> Privacy -> Sites"
       now  Enter    and click Block
       again Enter  and click Block
       again Enter     and click Block

Solution 2 :-

You can edit your host file you a utility such as BarevTM Host File Editor
 you can setup your firewall to block this IP on ALL ports: AND AND this Host:

 Solution 3 :-

                     You can Also use this software :-
                    Just download Firewall App Blocker v1.2

                    then drag and drop all exe files in the Internet download manager folder to the Firewall
                    App Blocker..