How to Kiss

"You should know...if you come any closer I'm not letting you go."
-Ashton Kutcher to Natalie Portman in the

Twenty-five years ago today:

October 10, 1986

Okay—so I didn’t go to the gym as originally planned today. Instead I took my Pac Bell Directory Account Collections Representative test. I passed with flying colors. I now have an assessment test on Thursday (of next week) for that job.

I went home and chose to lie down to some music when I decided to telephone Mark Landreth to learn what he was up to.
I asked Mark, “Are you in the mood to go into the City?”
“You know—that sounds like a good idea.”
I was happy that Mark agreed to go out with me.

We were suddenly in San Francisco, taking a walk up Broadway and the North Beach vicinity. We browsed at the city scene on this Friday night. We walked in to some magazine shop and laughed at the “fat chicks” on the cover of a porn magazine. Yuck!

We got lost in San Francisco. I was driving and lost my sense of direction. We finally found our way to Haight Street per the helpful directions of some lowly man who was walking his dog.

I lured Mark to the I-BEAM, a sort of mixed clientele dance club and bar.  It’s a hip place.  I like the music, too.

I met a girl named Bronwyn Duffy and her cousins from Australia and England. Bronwyn was really nice. She trains horses. She also works part-time in San Francisco at a Public Relations firm. We are to have lunch in The City one day soon (hopefully).

Bronwyn and I exchanged some “Hot Kisses”, so that was pretty nice.  I think my hair was standing on end from our "Hot Kisses".   That's what happens after a few drinks and some hot dancing at the I-BEAM.

Believe it or not Bronwyn Duffy reminded me a bit of actress Ann-Margret.  I like her “lots”.  The notion of her kisses makes me remember the idea of her even more.

"Don't be swept away now in the heat of the moment!"
-as heard while watching the NYC
Broadway Play "MARY STUART"