"How To Get Your First Kiss" You're going to love what I'm about to show you. In the next few moments, I'm going to show you a KILLER way to get your first kiss with a girl. As a dating coach, I get questions from my readers on how to "ask for" the first kiss all the time. But here's thesecret: You should NEVER have to ask a woman for your firstkiss. (Only WIMPS ask for a first kiss, and you should know bynow that women are NOT attracted to wimps!) You should "test the waters" by using the following technique instead: Flirt heavily with her and get some good connection when you're over at her house. Then when the moment is right, I want you to look into her eyes...and stroke her hair. Tell her her hair smells good. Look into her eyes again and see how she reacts. (Feedback is IMPORTANT) She's got those dreamy eyes? Lift her chin up with a finger and tell her, your eyes are beautiful and gaze deeply into them. She still responding well? Great. Lean down SLOWLY towards her lips. (If she doesn't pull away then she WANTS the kiss). Kiss her lightly on her lips. Pull back and look into her eyes again. Smile. Then kiss her again, but make it harder and longer this time. Kiss her for a while and then start nibbling on her neck. Once you've "melted" her with this, she should be ready to do more. Well, there you have it, the killer technique to get your first kiss with the girl of your dream. It won't guaranteeyou'll have a girlfriend by tomorrow night but it can certainlygive you a better "edge" the next time you're out with a girl. BUT HEY! What if you knew so many PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES andso many ways to DRAW WOMEN TO YOU that you could "magneticallyattract" all the women that come into your life? How good would you feel about yourself? How confident would you be? By the time you finish reading all the posts, you will be able to: - Create ANTICIPATION and make women BEG you to take things to the next level. - PASS the TESTS women give you and REVERSE them so they will work harder to attract YOU - Get WHATEVER you want from a women, without acting like a "nice guy" OR a "jerk" - Make those awkward silences in a conversation not so awkward! - Understand the SEXUAL SIGNALS that women are giving off! - Get more women to NOTICE you instead of ignoring you! - Send out the RIGHT BODY SIGNALS and use SEXUAL COMMUNICATION to build up her interests in you. - Turn a long-time friend into a GIRLFRIEND - Make women want to "surrender" to you because they feel an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION with you that they cannot control. - Amplify your NATURAL CHARM so you can "magnetically" attract beautiful women. Here's the bottom line: If you would like hot women to SURRENDER to your natural charm, you're going to be VERYexcited about what this course can teach you. It has taken meYEARS to put together (And I am STILL in the process ofadding more materials through my free updates to members) andit contains some of the BEST materials available on how to create ATTRACTION with beautiful girls.