Tamil Birthday sms 2015

Tamil Birthday Sms Biography
SMS Sara Vedi
SMS Sara Vedi is a set of variety sms in Tamil about Friendship (Natpu), Romance, Teasing and rude and also really funny mokkais.
Tamil Birthday SMS
Greet your friends, near and dear ones, loved ones on their Birthday by sending these "Tamil Birthday SMS".
Beautiful Natpu SMS Messages
Beautiful Natpu SMS Messages is about the relationship of friendship, the sacrifices and friends in general.
Pattaya Kelappum SMS
Pattaya Kelappum SMS is the latest and greatest Tamil SMS doing the rounds and is meant for all round fun.
Cute Lines Tamil SMS
Cute Lines Tamil SMS are beautiful, sentimental and yet pasam pongum sms text messages.
Latest Tamil Punch Dialog SMS
Latest Punch Dialog SMS are punch dialog and rythmic quotes sent by sms text messages.
SMS Neram
SMS Neram is the time for reading tiny, short and yet funny and some moving sms. These are SMS written in Tamil.
Pudhu Natpu SMS
Pudhu Natpu SMS is a collection of sms quotes, haiku's and kavithaigal about Natpu (Friendship).
SMS Mazhai
SMS Mazhai is a pouring rain of Tamil SMS in many different categories such as Natpu, Love, Mokkai and Teasing.
Mokkai Mazhai SMS
Mokkai Mazhai SMS is for providing the ultimate mokkai sms and teasing and irritating friends with the mokkai's of mokkai sms text messages in Tamil.
Nagaichuvai SMS
Nagaichuvai SMS is comedy SMS in Tamil intended to make you laugh and have fun reading these amusing Tamil SMS messages.
SMS Nagaichuvai
SMS Nagaichuvai is the latest collection of funny, hilarious, teasing, rude and jolly Tamil SMS which are nice to forward to friends.
Good Morning and Good Night Tamil SMS
Good Morning and Good Night Tamil SMS is a collection of sweet, senti type msgs and quotes for wishing in the morning and night.
Sweet Natpu SMS
Sweet Natpu SMS is for best friends, good friends and for the lovely relationship called friendship.
SMS Ulagam
SMS Ulagam is the world of SMS in Tamil ranging from friendship sms to romantic sms to teasing and funny sms to greetings.
Vetti Pasanga SMS
Vetti Pasanga SMS is for vetti pasanga who are working in vetti office or spending time doing vetti and who will wakeup at 2 'O clock in the night to send SMS and go back to sleep.
Sweet Tamil SMS
Sweet Tamil SMS are tender and loving sms bits and text messages about love, affection, friendship and feelings.
Poludhu Poakku SMS
Poludhu Poakku SMS is a collection of jolly and entertaining SMS in Tamil for good timepass and enjoying the day.
Latest Natpu SMS
Latest Natpu is the collection of Tamil SMS about friendship doing the rounds.
Tamil Comedy SMS
Tamil Comedy SMS is a collection of some of the most hilarious ever and comedy sms text messages doing the rounds.
Kalakkal SMS
Kalakkal SMS is a list of some funny kalakkal messages using which you can ''pattasu kelappalam''.
Nakkal SMS
Nakkal SMS is useful for making fun of your friends by sending teasing and sometimes rude messages; however these are just meant for fun.
Indraya SMS
Indraya SMS is full of the latest and greatest Tamil SMS doing the rounds.
Vetti SMS
Vetti SMS is the ultimate collection of sms for vetti pasanga sending sms to vetti friends during 'vettiya ukkandhu irukka neram'.
New Year Greetings SMS in Tamil
New Year Greetings SMS in Tamil as the name suggests are to greet your friends, relatives and loved ones for the New Year.
Latest Tamil SMS (Page 2)
Latest Tamil SMS is the next part of the latest and best Tamil SMS doing the rounds.
Lollu SMS
Lollu SMS are funny text messages written in Tamil to take a digg at your friends and tease them. Ungal nanbargalai kalaaikka sariyaana valzhi.
Sirippu SMS
Sirippu SMS will make you laugh and are hilarious; these are funny titbits and instant laughter medicine in Tamil.
Latest Tamil SMS
Read and enjoy the latest collection of "Tamil SMS" and "Tamil SMS Jokes". If you have a joke or latest SMS, you can share it by clicking the edit button and adding your joke or sms.
Natpu SMS and Quotes
Natpu or Friendhsip is probably the most cherised relationship; everyone has friends. This is a collection of Natpu SMS and Quotes in Tamil.
SMS Collection Tamil
Tamil SMS Collection contains a list of the latest SMS in Tamil.
Sentiment Tamil SMS
Sentiment Tamil SMS are affectionate and loving ways to greet your loved ones.
Tamil Love SMS
Tell your love to your lover(s) by sending these sweet Tamil SMS.
Tamil Kadhal Kavithaigal SMS
"Tamil Kadhal Kavithaigal SMS" is a collection of kadhal kavithaigal, romantic Tamil SMS kavithai and kadhal kavithai in English (transliterated from Tamil). Some of them are sad (sogamana) kavithai or poems in Tamil. Some of them are for broken hearts.
Pudhu Pudhu SMS
The latest and greatest Tamil SMS are available in Pudhu Pudhu SMS.
Tamil SMS Jokes
Tamil SMS Jokes is a collection of some of the best and funny text messages, funny Tamil SMS Jokes, kadi and mokkai jokes. Enjoy sending these stupid, silly yet funny jokes to your friends.
Miss You Tamil SMS
Can you translate "I miss you" in Tamil? If you dont know, keep reading these lovely sms messages through which you can say I miss You to your near and dear ones and ofcourse friends and lovers.
Tamil SMS
Tamil SMS is the latest sms forwards in Tamil that are a combination of kavithai's, mokkais and some teasing sms jokes.
Tamil Good Morning SMS
Wake up your friends Tamil Style by sending these "Good Morning Tamil" messages by SMS!
Deepavali SMS Greetings
Deepavali SMS Greetings are the way to wish your friends, relatives and near and dear ones for the Grand occasion of Diwali (also known as Deepavali in Tamil Nadu).
Tamil Joke SMS
"Tamil Joke SMS" is another Tamil SMS Collection with misc jokes of all categories including kadi, mokkai and Tamil Jokes written in English.
Natpu Tamil SMS and Kavithaigal
Natpu Tamil SMS and Kavithaigal contain many sweet text messages and kavithaigal about the sweet relationship called Natpu (Friendship).
Punch Song in Tamil
A Punch Song in Tamil.
Sogamana Kathal Tholvi SMS Kavithaigal
Love failure? One side Love? Broken Hearts? These SMS are just feelings that evolve from tender loving hearts.
Tamil Haiku SMS
"Tamil Haiku" is a small one or two line kavithai or just passing thoughts written; some of them are really good.
Tamil SMS Kavithaigal
These are a collection of short and super sweet Kavthai in Tamil which can be sent by SMS. Some of them are funny while the others are thought provoking (really?) while others are sentimental.
Tamil Romantic SMS
Are you in Love? Need to "correct" somebody? These messages will show you the route, you can go and correct! Hehe just joking; enjoy these sweet kavithai and Kadhal SMS.
Read and enjoy the latest collection of "Tamil SMS" and "Tamil SMS Jokes". If you have a joke or latest SMS, you can share it by clicking the edit button and adding your joke or sms.
Romantic Tamil SMS
Romantic Tamil SMS are for the tender loving hearts with love in their eyes and hope in their hearts. Send these lovely kavithai, Haiku's and deeply infactuated messages to your loving ones and express your feelings, all in Senthamilz Style!
Tamil Kadi Jokes SMS
Indha marana kadi, masa kadi, sema kadi Tamil jokes, SMS Tamil jokes padingga. Aana oru precaution, sevuru pakkathula poi ukkandhukonga. Appam dhan sevurula poi mandaya muttikka mudiyum.