Don't be a passenger in your own life

Its sad how some women think they can 
trade their 
own freedom for love and loyalty. 

They think by handing over control of their life over to a man, 
they will be loved, 
taken care of and appreciated in return. 

Not knowing that human beings are 
selfish and opportunistic creatures by nature, 
quick to take advantage of anyone who lets them. 

Ladies, don't be a passenger in your own life, 
take the wheel, take charge and control. 
Don’t be caged like an animal and be told what to do, 
where to go, 
what to wear, 
what to think, 
what to believe in, 
who to be friends with and all that other crap. 

Not all prisons have bars. 

Be in a relationship that does 
not take away any of your freedoms 
you had when you were single. 

Be in a relationship that allows you to be you. 
Don’t be in a relationship that tries to limit you, 
imprison you or change you. 

No love in the world is worth sacrificing your freedom and identity for.