~Good Morning Sms In English 2014

A smile is like a Sim card &
Life is like cell phone
Whenever you insert the
Sim card of a smile
A beautiful day is activated
Good morning

Cheerful people are like Sunlight.
They shine in to the corners of the heart
& offer bright mornings
& fresh hopes
**Good Morning**

When U move y’r focus 4m Competition 2 Contribution
LIFE become a Celebration
Never try 2 defeat people
Just WIN them :) Good Morning!

New New "Morning" New New "Day"
New New "Date" AND New New "plan"
All are "New" so I wish a very
Successful day for you
Good morning

"Tears of EYES are Valuable"
"Speech of LIPS are Powerful"
"Heart With LOVE is Beautiful"
"Life with FRIENDS is Most Wonderful" G.M.